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Annual NFPA Standard Pump Testing and Service


Pump Testing

When it comes time to do the job, the importance of a properly functioning pump is undeniable. Our annual pump test identifies the health of the apparatus and ensures peak performance.


During the pump test and inspection you will receive; engine speed check, pump shift indicator inspection, pump engine control interlock inspection, priming system test, vacuum, performance test and tank flow test. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed performance report. 

Pump Service

Regular service and maintenance proves to be an important key to the success of your equipment. We offer the following services.

Valve/drain maintenance and lubrication

Priming system maintenance

Foam system calibration and maintenance

Gear box maintenance and fluid change.

Nozzle Testing

Nozzle testing will be conducted in accordance with NFPA 1962 5.1.  Nozzle inspection will be completed, and any damages will be noted.  Any nozzles with damages noted will be removed from service.  It should be repaired and inspected prior to going back in service. 


After visual inspection the nozzle will be hydro tested at 300 PSI or 1.5 times the manufacturers maximum operating pressure.  Next, the nozzle will be flow tested.  Nozzle shall flow no less than the rated pressure from manufacture and no more than 10% above.

Pump Engineer class

 Our pump engineer class geared towards all experience levels of pump operators.  We teach the basics of pump operations such as drafting and pumping from a hydrant to more complex problem solving such as, not being able to achieve a prime or managing pump pressure and friction loss.

The pump engineer class with include classroom and hands-on opportunities. Our goal is to help build the confidence of all of your personnel while operating the pump panel.

Our work

Matt Dunithan



Lindsey Dunithan


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Brian Richcreek

Pump Mechanic


Nick Stickel

Pump Technician


Kyle Stamm

Pump Technician


Matt Stamm

Pump Technician


Travis Peak


About Us

Locally owned and operated, we specialize in providing annual fire pump testing services and equipment maintenance. Dunny's Pump Service was created in 2016 by Matt and Lindsey Dunithan. Lindsey graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Marketing and Matt was a career firefighter and Paramedic up until 2022 when he transitioned full time to Dunny's Pump Service. He is a certified Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT). Along with Matt, all of our technicians follow the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1911 standard to ensure prompt and accurate results. 

We take great pride in that our Pump Mechanic, Pump Technicians and Sales Representative are all full time firefighters. Our staff fully understands the importance of the services we provide, so your department can depend on your pumps when you get the call. 



"On behalf of Thorncreek Township Fire Department, Dunny’s Pump Service has been more than helpful and has provided great service! Matt and his team treat not only our crew of firefighters, but our equipment with the up most respect. They take care of our equipment like they would their own. Dunny’s is always quick to reply, especially if we have a sudden problem with our one of our trucks, and quick to get it fixed. As a department we highly recommend Dunny’s Pump Service. We’ve never seen such a great group of people take such pride in what they do!" 

Nick Gessner / Thorncreek Twp Fire Dept.


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